Writing a great FM notes book

Where to start with writing your Further Maths Notes book?

Starting to write your notes can be an overwhelming task.

As with anything that is overwhelming, it’s not hard for procrastination to set in and put this task off for a later date.

You also know fully well that if you could get to it earlier, you’d feel better for it; you’d feel prepared, confident, secure and ready… but that’s more easily said than done.

Besides which, there’s also the question of what do I put in? How do I structure it? How do I know if it’s got everything? What if it’s got too much?

You also don’t want to rewrite the textbook… what’s the point of that?!?

To help you out, I’ve prepared this checklist to get you going. Download this little number and checkoff each dot point as you go. Try not to think about sitting down to write out the whole thing (that’s where the procrastination minions live!). Instead, tell yourself just to write out the graphs part of Univariate data. That’s not so bad.

Not sure which graphs to include?

Just follow list and you’ll be sure to stay on track.