I have so much to share with you (including a FREE gift!)…

Hi there!

I’m so thrilled that you found my blog! My name is Freda Armstrong and I am a Maths teacher.

I’m one of those maths teachers who loves their job just a little bit too much hehe. I love teaching and I love technology and I love putting the two together. A few years back I came across a style of teaching with my iPad that allowed me to present my lessons in a way I just couldn’t do with PowerPoints or Word documents. By using colour and simple animations, I found I could draw links between key points in my lessons and show my students how a problems can be pulled apart and put back together again in a logical manner. It’s so exciting being able to teach this way because I can see the positive impact it has on my students and their learning.

I’m super keen to share this style of teaching and learning with you. As the year goes on, I’ll be uploading more of this delicious content, including simple concise summaries, videos and general tips and tricks to this website. It’s all designed to help you make sense of the wonderful world of Mathematical Methods and provide you with the content you need, when you need it most.

To start you off, go ahead and download the <Graph Type Summary> in the download box at the top of the page. It contains not only all the graph shapes you need to be familiar with, but I’ve also included a series of transformed equations – where those transformations sit in the equation and how it affects the shape of the graph. This is my gift to you for visiting me.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and hope to add value to you learning as you complete this very special year studying the amazing content in Mathematical Methods!

Freda Armstrong