How to Solve Quadratic Inequations

Often we see students trying to solve quadratic inequations using algebra. This is a sure fire way to get yourself into trouble! Use this method to ensure you solve inequations correctly every time.

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The Great Debate: Would this rule create a positive or negative parabola?

This often stumps my students – does the following rule create a positive or negative parabola? Whilst you are unlikely to be asked ‘is this a positive or negative parabola’, you’ll certainly need to appreciate what transformations have occurred to the basic parabola to create this new one. Check out this video to ensure you…

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I have so much to share with you (including a FREE gift!)…

Hi there! I’m so thrilled that you found my blog! My name is Freda Armstrong and I am a Maths teacher. I’m one of those maths teachers who loves their job just a little bit too much hehe. I love teaching and I love technology and I love putting the two together. A few years back…

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