Writing a great FM notes book

Where to start with writing your Further Maths Notes book? Starting to write your notes can be an overwhelming task. As with anything that is overwhelming, it’s not hard for procrastination to set in and put this task off for a later date. You also know fully well that if you could get to it…

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Range TI-Nspire

TI-Tech: Finding the Range

Finding the Range of a function on the TI-Nspire Calculator (Video Below ↓) What is the range of a function? The range is the set of all y-values that exist for a function. Whilst there are plenty of other, more technical, definitions out there, I find it’s easiest to think of range in terms of…

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Maximal Domain

TI-Tech: Finding the Maximal Domain

Finding the Maximal Domain on the TI-Nspire Calculator (Video Below ↓) What is a Maximal Domain? Domains and Ranges are a huge part of the Math Methods course. I am constantly drawing graphs to gain meaning from the problem at hand. The functions we work with in the Methods course invariably have a restricted domain.…

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